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Michael Geurts (Mick Trainer)

Owner/Head Trainer - Maroochydore

Having spent 17 years in the Australian Army, Michael Geurts has decided to put forward his military skills and formal qualifications to produce a professional fitness bootcamp organisation.

During those 17 years in the military, Michael has worked in a variety of units, including recruit training, special forces and parachute units.

For 2 years now, Michael's focus has been on diversifying his fitness programs, to cater to all levels of fitness, body types and sizes. As a Military Instructor and Personal Trainer, Michael understands the fundamentals and importance of appropriate rehabilitation. 

This has allowed him to understand the necessity of having a flexible approach to fitness. Michael is a unique trainer that takes his knowledge and professional experience serious and pushes people to their own pace, however allowing them to achieve their maximum potential with the importance of discipline, positive reinforcement and motivation.

"Training at Bootcamp Compamp is not a 12 week program, it's a lifestyle. Many people complete 12 week programs and believe there is an end, however its just the beginning. As maintaining a healthy lifestyle and fitness is an ongoing process"

Mick Trainer


  • Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Cert III and IV Qualified
  • Cert IV Workplace Assessment Front-line Business Management
  • Bronze Medallion
  • Senior First Aid Qualified
Tyson Tr

Tyson Tripcony


Bootcamp Company presents our professional Dietitian Tyson. 

Tyson is an Accredited Practising Dietitian, Accredited Sports Dietitian and ISAK Level 2 Anthropometrist. He has completed a B.Bus(Management) / B.Sci(Performance Enhancement / Nutrition) and a Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Tyson is the Director of Correct Nutrition (www.correctnutrition.com.au). He consults to local and national athletes and sporting teams (including the Australian Lacrosse Team) to assist in providing nutrition for optimal performance.

Tyson is also the Clinical Dietitian at a private hospital north of Brisbane. His approach to nutrition is straight forward and realistic, his focus is always looking at the science and then applying that science to provide individuals with practical advice.

Clinical Dietetics specialties:

- Long term weight management (to gain muscle or lose fat)
- Evidence based nutrition
- Motivational interviewing 

Sports Dietetics specialties:

- Body composition measurement and manipulation
- Team sport nutrition
- Competition nutrition

Clients are able to claim a rebate through their Private Health Extras Cover for their initial consultation, please ask Tyson any questions or queries you have regarding how to attain your rebate during your consultation.

M.Nutr&Diet(Research), B.Bus(Management)/B.Sci(Performance Enhancement/Nutrition)

Correct Nutrition - Director


Rick Remington

Massage Therapist

Bootcamp Company Rick Remington our professional massage therapist.

Rick runs Remington Therapies out of Coolum Massage and Beauty. 

He studied a Diploma of Remedial Massage at the Australian Collage of Natural Medicine, graduating in 2005.  Since 2005, Rick has gained over 2 years of clinical experience, spent several years travelling and now setting up a future in the Coolum  snd Yaroomba area.

Rick's focus is to help relieve people’s musculoskeletal pain and tensions through his style of Remedial Massage.  

A general 1 hr treatment will incorporate Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Muscle Energy Techniques and Myofacial Release Techniques. This mixed treatment becomes a deeper slower massage that releases both the muscles and connective tissue, while reducing related pain issues.

Rick likes to help people to understand that our bodies require regular maintenance (e.g. massage) to function correctly in this busy stressful world we find ourselves in. 

Our diet and exercise are a massive part of this:

  • Diet: eating a well balanced diet that suits the individuals’ body type and using fresh organic foods;

  • Exercise: teaching clients that we are a moving species and that we can train our bodies to move in complex ways.  All movement aids our strength, conditioning, balance and mental wellness.

Rick believes in living a well-balanced lifestyle, where the body can cope with almost anything as long as it is moderation.

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